Private Foundation - Gugging Artists

The Private Foundation - Gugging Artists has been founded in 2003 by the legal representatives of the Gugging Artists and the Association friends of the Gugging House of Artists with support from the government of Lower Austria.

Purpose of the Foundation was the development of a major collection of important artworks by Gugging Artists and Art Brut in general. The artworks of the collection are provided to be displayed at the museum gugging and presented in temporary exhibitions as "gehirngefühl.! kunst aus gugging von 1970 bis zur gegenwart", "gugging meisterwerke.!" or „gugging classics“.


Furthermore artworks from the Private Foundation are lent to international museums and sent on tour in cooperation with the department for international exhibitions of the Association friends of the Gugging House of Artists.


We sincerely invite you to donate artworks to the Private Foundation - Gugging Artists.



Executive Board Private Foundation - Gugging Artists


Prof. Dr. Helmut ZAMBO (collector)

Assistant chairmen


Prof. Dr. Johann FEILACHER (Artistic director of museum gugging)



Advisory board Private Foundation - Gugging Artists


RA Dr. Franz BURGEMEISTER (Trustee of the Gugging Artists)

Further Council Members

Mag. DDr. Harald SCHWARZ (Association Friends of the Gugging House of Artists)

HR Dr. Gerhard TRETZMÜLLER (Government Lower Austria, Building Management)

Mag. Hermann DIKOWITSCH (Government Lower Austria, Culture)

Mag. Martin WANCATA (Government Lower Austria, Social Issues)