The collection of the Private Foundation - Gugging Artists includes 472 drawings, paintings, etchings and objects by the following 30 artists (as of 2012):


Franz Artenjak, Josef Bachler, Anton Dobay, Johann Fischer, Franz Gableck, Johann Garber, Madge Gill, Johann Hauser, Rudolf Horacek, Jaber, Franz Kauer, Franz Kernbeis, Rosemarie Koczy, Fritz Koller, Johann Korec, Rudolf Limberger, Michel Nedjar, Fritz Opitz, Otto Prinz, Heinrich Reisenbauer, André Robillard, Johann Scheiböck, Arnold Schmidt, Philipp Schöpke, Günther Schützenhöfer, Gérard Sendrey, Oswald Tschirtner, Karl Vondal, August Walla, Erich Zittra

Donators are Gugging Artists and the Association - Friends of the Gugging House of Artists, once the counry of Lower Austria which provided a certain amount of money and private donators, among them several artists.

During the first years of existence many exhibition-projects have been organised to improve the image of the Gugging Artists. Current a variety of international presentations is planned and realized.

Artworks of the foundation`s collection are published in different media and raise the publicity of artists and foundation.