Art / Brut Center Project

(Qualified Ancillary Staff for the Cultural Sector)

The Art/Brut Center Project is a non-profit occupational enterprise for primary residents of Lower Austria with special physical, social or psychiatric needs. In line with their individual capabilities the participants are trained as ancillary staff in the artistic and cultural sector. Over one year, the participants receive a new spectrum of basic knowledge, awareness and sensitivity in the cultural field. The aim is to further their chances on the primary job market of finding employment in a museum or any other cultural institution. The place of work is situated on the premises of the Art/Brut Center Gugging. Thus the participants get the opportunity to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice right away.


Some pictures of every day life in project:

The project’s programme comprises practice, pertinent theory and socio-pedagogical support. We design a highly personalized work programme for each participant in line with his or her individual interests and abilities.


The wide scope of activities includes tasks like museum surveillance, indoor cleaning and maintenance works, gardening, assistance in the museum shop or the framing workshop, helping in the cultural mediation programme, and many more. Complementing the practical part is a basic education on art history and museums, as well as the correct handling of artworks. Regular excursions to other museums are meant to offer a view of the variety of different cultural institutions, while also putting the participants into contact with all kinds of art establishments; we provide internships in other facilities. 


If you are interested please contact:

Mag. Petra Byslovsky,, Tel. +43 676 841181 216 or

Kazimierz Parucki, Tel. +43 676 841181 204