The House of Artists is a small building on a hill on adjacent to the Vienna Woods, approximately 20 km (12.4 miles) north of Vienna, Austria. It belongs to the village Maria Gugging, Klosterneuburg. Since 1981 it has housed and employed people, whose high quality drawings, paintings, writings and objects have made them world famous. The Gugging Artists are among the most important representatives of Art Brut. There are currently 12 residents at the House of Artists, 6 of whom the galerie gugging represents as artists. The first murals and façade paintings were created for the Pavilion’s opening to demonstrate the new facility’s cultural aspirations.

The House of Artists’ history dates back to the early 1950s. Its longstanding efforts have produced the Art Brut Center Gugging. Today, the House of Artists is part of this cultural centre.


The Gugging Artists’ activities have become successful artistic careers. Through professionalising their skills, openly respecting their efforts, offering gentle therapeutic and active social supervision and support we provide the residents with a foundation of opportunities and allow them to lead a “normal” life as far as they personally want.


Today, the House stands for a socio-therapeutic approach.

More space for the House of Artists

In June 2011 the annex and restoration were completed and celebrated at the House of Artists’ 25th Anniversary.

Club: House of Artists

house of artists: care giving concept


Fully assisted living at the social facility Gugging House of Artists

Professional nurses and caregivers provide a 24-hour assisted living community for artistically talented special needs persons.

The fully assisted living service at the House of Artists offers care and support to residents in line with their respective needs and conditions. We also help and assist with daily needs and requirements, integrate artistic activities into the daily routine as a “profession” and help with the nitty-gritty that comes with this profession.


Care and assistance concept

The social welfare facility House of Artists, owned by the “Friends of the Gugging House of Artists” club, is a residential community, where mentally ill or -disabled artists live and work; It is one of the few Art Brut centres worldwide. The Gugging Artists have been internationally renowned since 1990, when they received the Oskar Kokoschka Prize. Young emerging artists are at leisure to hone their skills, while collectors and art-lovers watch with great interest. The protected living community allows the artists to pursue their special talent and work as professional artists despite their grave primary disease. The residents’ personal impairment is a private affair; what matters socially is the opportunity to exhibit and sell their artworks like any other artist and thus feel socially appreciated. Our care giving aims to allow them a “normal” life as far as possible.


Mission Statement

We want to offer the House of Artists’ residents a life of individuality, independence and self-reliance. To grow in self-confidence is to experience meaning, and artistic activities enhance one’s personal identity. The House of Artists’ team are committed to the humanitarian values of respect, consideration and dignity; their professional approach to care giving is based on empathy, consistency and reliability.



The offer of fully assisted living at the Gugging House of Artists has several aims and goals:

  • To ensure mental and social wellbeing through an extended family-like atmosphere.
  • To offer vitalising nursing and care.
  • To structure a daily routine around artistic activities.
  • To facilitate a personalised daily routine.
  • To assess abilities and skills, and devise an individual care- and nursing schedule.
  • To suggest and support resources and social abilities to develop and maintain independence.
  • To alleviate pre-existing signs of hospitalism
  • To offer support in all walks of life
  • To work with patients in keeping with their personal history.


Target Group

The offer of Fully Assisted Living at the Gugging House of Artists is addressed to people, who – due to a mental illness or learning difficulty – are reliant on aid and support in their daily lives, and are also artistically talented in the sense of Art Brut.


Care Giving Guidelines

Our approach to care giving is interdisciplinary teamwork. We offer optimal support and guidance to the artists through close cooperation between the care- and nursing staff at the House and the supervisors at the Studio, Gallery and Museum.

Our core aim is to enable and sustain the residents’ artistic activities; all our staff members help coordinate individualised support to meet this goal.



General Measures

  • The Studio offers an artistic forum for people with or without special needs – it is also a social place of true integration
  • Vitalising nursing and support.
  • Structuring a daily routine and assisting with the challenges of everyday life.
  • We introduce, implement and evaluate a written nursing process along guidelines of socio-psychiatric care giving.
  • Domestic chores are completed together with the nursing staff in line with individual residents’ skills and abilities.
  • Working together with all caregivers and employees.
  • Organizing activities and occupations


Rehabilitation Measures

  • We establish true-to-life situations to maintain and enhance practical skills and abilities.
  • Living together with people with and without special needs builds and strengthens relationships
  • Snoezelen-Room, i.e. feel-good space for elemental development of the senses, body awareness and relaxation.
  • We accompany residents to exhibitions and vernissages.


Health Measures  - Therapeutic Offers

  • Performing treatments following medical orders.
  • Procuring and employing medical care items and equipment
  • Organising psycho-educative groups to offer medical advice.
  • Therapeutic care activities in groups: cooking, movement, gardening, and music
  • Illness prevention and prophylaxis
  • Osteopathic treatment of physical discomfort
  • Aromatherapy
  • Individual chats
  • Medical care by consultant doctors



  • Motivation and instruction in exercise, games and sports
  • Furthering artistic interests and talents
  • Helping out in maintaining and designing the garden
  • A week’s holiday in Austria or abroad
  • Optional day-trips and cultural events
  • General events such as summer fête, advent celebration, funfair, gallery party
  • Individual celebrations such as birthdays, carnival, New Year, etc.
  • Christmas is celebrated in the afternoon of 24 December together with all staff members, residents’ relatives and friends.



The Artists are free and self-determining in their artistic work and other activities and can draw on individual assistance from staff at the Studio, Gallery or House.


Living Space

House of Artists

The House of Artists is a small, colourfully painted building on top of a hill on the edge of the Vienna Woods, approximately 20 km (12.4 miles) north of Vienna. In 2000, the former regional neurological clinic’s pavilion was transformed into a private residence for the Gugging Artists. Restorations and a new annex to the House of Artists in 2011 have dramatically improved the residents’ living conditions and quality of life.

The Artists enjoy their spacious single- or double bedrooms with individual entrance area and en suite bathroom; they largely arrange and decorate their personal living space themselves. Next to the communal room is a south-facing roofed terrace, which the Artists use as cosy communal area during the warm season. A smoke-free living room, established two years ago, has greatly improved the sphere of live at the House of Artists.